Level measurement in boreholes, reservoirs and wells

What is a Smart Well level meter

Hladinoměr Smart Well je zařízení pro měření výšky hladiny vody ve vrtech, v nádržích a kopaných studnách. Hladinoměr SW1, v závislosti na použité sondě, dokáže měřit výšku hladiny až 100m s rozlišením i 1cm. Hladinoměr neslouží k ochraně čerpadla.

How does a level meter work

The level meter consists of a probe and a control unit. Based on the data obtained from the probe, the unit displays the height of the water bar above the probe. The measurement is affected by the current atmospheric pressure, however, the deviation of the measurement, caused by a change in atmospheric pressure, can reach a maximum of ± 0.3 m compared to the actual level. Probe S3 is equipped with a compensating capillary and the measurement is thus not affected by atmospheric pressure.

Level meter components

Srdcem hladinoměru je řídicí jednotka, která disponuje podsvíceným LCD zobrazovačem, tlačítkem a voděodolným konektorem pro připojení sondy. Nedílnou součástí je sonda S1, S2, S3 nebo S4 (dle objednávky) vyrobená z nerezové oceli a zdravotně nezávadných materiálů. Součástí balení je také veškerý materiál nutný pro montáž.

Level meter assembly

For boreholes, we recommend attaching the probe and cable to the pump tube to ensure measurement accuracy and prevent damage to the pump or probe when removing them from the borehole. The plastic holder and cable ties that are included in the package are used for this. The probe can only be hung in a tank or a well using the probe cable.

Thanks to the water resistance and battery power supply, the control unit can be placed however you see fit.

SW1 unit

The unit is the heart of the level meter and is controlled by a microprocessor. A well-readable LCD with backlight is used to display the measured values. A waterproof button that turns it on is located on the bottom. The power is provided by an alkaline 9V battery which lasts for minimum of 2 years of normal operation thanks to the automatic standby mode. A durable 78mm x 118mm x 54mm plastic box protects the electronic parts against mechanical damage and ingress of water.


Sonda je nedílnou součástí hladinoměru a měří výšku vodního sloupce nad sebou. Doporučujeme ji umístit do stejné výšky jako ochranné čidlo čerpadla. Pokud čerpadlo čidlo nemá, je vhodné sondu umístit přibližně 1m nad čerpadlo. V nabídce máme sondu S1 s rozsahem 0-40m a rozlišením měření 0,1m, sondu S2 s rozsahem 0-70m a rozlišením měření 0,2m, sondu S3 s rozsahem 0-10m a rozlišením 1cm a S4 s rozsahem 0-100m a rozlišením měření 0,5m. Pro běžné vrty postačuje sonda S1.

Possibility of expansion

Přestože je délka kabelu u sondy S1 45m, S2 75m, S3 15m a S4 105m, mnohým to s ohledem na umístění řídicí jednotky nemusí stačit. Proto nabízíme i prodlužovací kabely různých délek.

Level meter operation

Operation of the level meter is really easy and anyone can manage it after proper calibration and installation. After pressing the button, a quick check of the unit and the probe takes place. Afterwards, the current water level status and the remaining battery power are displayed for 15 seconds.

Why a level meter

Setting up a well is not an insignificant investment. When you have your own well, you expect it to function for years without any problems. If you treat it right, it will reward you with both quality water and long-term service. One of the essential factors is water level control. Excessive pumping can permanently damage both the well and the pump. Measuring the water level with a string is not an adequate method and an impossible one with boreholes. Any kind of manipulation can pollute the water. The graph shows the behavior of an average level of our borehole based on the seasons.

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Power is provided by a 9V alkaline battery, which is why you don’t need to worry about the power supply. At the same time, the battery ensures trouble-free operation for more than 2 years.


Water resistance and safety is ensured by a plastic box with IP65 protection. The electronic circuit is thus safe from dust, rain and snow.


Contrasting LCD display with backlight guarantees readability in all lighting conditions.


The use of quality components ensures long-term reliability and functionality.


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